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Get on Murdoch Block

It’s just been released for Chrome, and is available for free for Firefox too.

Organelle Jewellery: Green THC Molecule Sleeper Earring

THC tends to either make you sleepy, energetic or creative. Or two out of the three at once. Whether you smoke it, would never dare touch it, are just curious about it, or want to legalize it, we won’t analyse it. We just make molecules.

Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery


(C) Simon Stålenhag

Simon Stålenhags gallery is just amazing. It’s my childhood Sweden + weird future tech. <3

"People hate that I flip two cigarettes
Upside down in each pack
for luck,
But I hate that people notice
When you gain three pounds,
But not when you buy a new hat.
I’ve been told that the way I sleep
With one leg draped over
The person lying next to me
Is annoying,
But I think it’s annoying
When people tell me
I look pretty,
But only when I paint my face.
I’ve heard that old men
Like to touch the girls who work late at bars,
But I want to know
Why they never kiss the women they married
fourty-two years ago.
I’ve noticed that mothers teach their daughters
That it’s rude to refuse a hug
From an uncle they’ve met three times,
But forget to teach them
That they aren’t obliged to kiss
The boy who paid for dinner."


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